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Information in English

On this page:

The Food Bank Houten has information available in English: Flyer ‘for anyone who needs us’ and a booklet for customers. The latter contains roughly the same information as is on this page.

The Food Bank Houten

We are here for all residents of the municipality of Houten who do not have enough to buy food. We support these households with food packages for as long as needed.

In the Netherlands, we have laws and regulations against poverty. We can help solve your financial problems. Or advise on how you can supplement your income. We don’t judge the reasons why you are short of money. It takes time to solve your financial problems. We will support you as long as needed. On average that is half a year, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

The Voedselbank Houten is an independent foundation with over 40 volunteers. We are not part of the council. All our employees all volunteers. Nobody is paid. We are citizens of Houten who want to take care of fellow citizens who are having a hard time.


Opening hours

You can pick up a foodpackage once a week at the foodbank. The address is De Poort 81 in Houten.

We are open on Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m.

You will be allocated a day and time. We expect you to come every week at this day and time. Do not come earlier or later. Otherwise it will get too busy in te foodbank. If the allocated day or time does not suit you, let us know and we’ll reallocate you to another time or day.

  • We expect you to come yourself.
  • Are you ill? Do not come but call us.
  • Take an ID-card with you




You cannot just come to the food bank for a package. You need to apply first.

We will help you as soon as possible. If necessary, you will have a food package the same week.

How to apply?

You can apply yourself or via a social worker or carer. You can apply via our website, e-mail or telephone.

Applications are received by the volunteers of the Intake Team. They will contact you as soon as possible.

We ask you to send us your financial papers. After the application, we will see if you qualify. We do this based on standards that apply to all Dutch Food Banks. But above all we will look at your personal situation.


We will keep in touch with you after the food packages have started. We will invite you for an interview every three months.

We also help you tackle your problems so That you no longer need us.

Interviews with the intakers are conducted by telephone. Sometimes it is necessary to make an appointment.


The shopping

At the Voedselbank Houten you can choose your package from our “store”. You can take food for your household for about three days. So it’s a supplement.

What is on the shelves differs every week. We don’t have a complete range of products like in a real supermarket. But we always have fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, meat and dairy products

We often have products like sanitary towels, shampoo and laundry detergent.

There are usually 25 or more healthy products in a package

Please bring your own shopping bag(s). For frozen products you will receive a special cooler bag on your first visit. You take it with you every week.

If you do not speak Dutch, it is best to take someone with you. Certainly the first time that is handy. Maybe your counselor knows a solution?


If you are not able to come

Nofity us!

We count on you to come every week. It is possible that you might want to skip a week. Pass this on to us as quickly as possible. See contact information.


Send someone else?

It is okay if someone else picks up your food package. But we must know this in advance. You can let us know who is coming by phone or e-mail. Download the form here. The form is also available at the Food Bank.

Please note that the person who picks up your package must be able to identify himself/herself and must be sure to bring the form.

If you cannot find anyone, please contact us. In some cases we can deliver the packages to your home.


About the Food

Where does it come from?

The food in the packages is donated to us; by companies, supermarkets, churches and private persons (food collections). The Food Bank does not buy food.

Frequently, it is food that would otherwise  be thrown away. So as a Food Bank customer, you also prevent food waste.


Shelf life

Sometimes we have products that are past the sell by date. But these are still safe to eat!

The T.H.T. date on Dutch packages is the Best Before date. This is the manufacturer’s warranty date. After that date the quality decreases gradually. You will not notice this at first. So the food is still safe to eat. It will not make you ill.

We are allowed to offer products a certain time beyond the best before date. How long, depends on the product. This has been agreed with the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Food Safety Authority).







Fresh produce is marked with a T.G.T date (sell by, use by). You should not eat these products after this date because this can make you ill. We will not offer these products.

More information can be found at the Food Bank (in English).


Frozen products

To prolong shelf life, we sometimes freeze fresh products. This concerns: meat, bread, vegetables or dairy products. We can offer these products for an additional two months.

The products are marked by a special sticker (see above). You can put them in the freezer at home. Or you can defrost them and eat them the same day. Frozen vegetables can be baked or cooked without defrosting.

Occasionally we have frozen dairy such as milk, yogurt or pudding. We are not used to that in the Netherlands, but it is very well possible. It is important that you defrost it properly: 24 hours in the refrigerator, then shake well and use the same day.

Do not refreeze products after defrosting.


Clothing Bank

You will receive a referral letter for the clothing bank from us. The Clothing Bank is located above the ECO kringloop at Peppelkade 9a in Houten.

At the Clothing Bank you can get free clothes for your family several times a year.

The clothing bank is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Take identification with you on your first visit!


For kids

Each child receives a gift box from the Jarige Job Foundation on their birthday. This box contains a gift, decorations, baking material and something to treat at school. Please note, you must give permission for this!

With Sinterklaas (December 5) there will be something for the children so that they can celebrate this typical Dutch feast.


Our rules

Not without obligations

Our volunteers make time for you. And we ensure that the products are there for you.

That is why we also expect things from you:

  • That you pick up your package every week.
  • That you keep an appointment
  • That you hand in requested documents on time

If you are not able to come, you must let us know.

Also, we would also like to hear why you are not able to come. Maybe we can find a solution.


Not coming without notice?

Forgetting it once can happen. We will always try to contact you.

But if you do not come, it can have consequences. We will stop the packages if you haven not shown up twice without contacting us. And we notify your carer or contact person.

Do you want to start receiving food packages again? Then you need to reapply.



At the Food Bank Houten we value your privacy.

We need personal details to process your application. We store these in a secure digital system. We need your consent to do this. You can give your consent via our digital consent form. 

You can change your consent by renewing the digital consent form or sent an email to aanvraag@voedselbankhouten.nl. See also the www.voedselbankhouten.nl/privacy-statement. This statement is also available at the Food Bank.

We will NEVER give your details to anyone else without your permission.

Please, do you consider the privacy of other customers?


Not satisfied?

All volunteers of the food bank do their utmost. Yet it can happen that something goes wrong.

Please, tell the coordinator at the Food Bank or mention it during an interview at the town hall. Or send an e-mail to logistiek@voedselbankhouten.nl.

Together we can try to find a solution.

If you believe that the problem has not yet been resolved, you can submit a complaint.


File a complaint

A complaint must be submitted in writing to the board of the Food Bank Houten; by letter or by mail.

Do you want to file a complaint? Please read the complete complaints procedure on our website www.voedselbankhouten.nl/klachten. The complaints procedure is available in Dutch, English and Arabic.